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Best gifts for the Chicken Lover in your life

Do you have a friend who is kind of obsessed about chickens? Or they have chickens and therefore collect chicken decor? Well here is the best list for their Christmas or birthday gift this year. I am thinking about getting the calendar for someone on my list.

Of course, this list will probably update over time as I find more awesome stuff to share. 


These Chicken socks are stinking adorable and I wouldn’t mind getting a pair myself.

Calendar, I actually found one similar at a local bulk store and went ahead and got it as a gag gift for someone.

Magnet I’ll probably buy this for myself, I like the song too despite how old it is.

Chicken signs, there are 5 available types on this link

We are a coffee-loving household. My husband is not functional without at least 2 cups in the morning and I like the flavored creamers or syrups depending on what I have on hand. This coffee mug would probably be my favorite, I’ve seen it around for a while and plan to get it as a birthday present for myself.

Got a kid who wants to get chickens but you’re worried they don’t know what they’re really in for? Try some books, like this one, or this one.

And for those who are older and are just starting out getting chickens these books can be helpful. A friend of mine loves this one and this one will have lots of handy tips (I have the beekeeping one).

EggBaskets are super helpful to those with medium to large-sized flocks. And I love this one for being decorative and practical.

And I love the idea of egg aprons but with only three hens it would be a bit of a waste for me for now.

This is just a sampling of all the amazing gifts available to you for your chicken loving friends or family. Of course, gift cards to local farm stores are always a plus as well.

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