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Cranberry Salad

I remember the first time I made this recipe. I forgot the sugar, haha! My mom laughed so hard after she took a bite and realized it. I was still in high school so naturally, I felt it personally. But now I always remember the sugar.

It is a staple for our family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Grandma always brings it because it’s her recipe and I usually bring whatever my sister asks. This year I’m bringing fruit salad and corn casserole, both recipes are saved to my Pinterest.

I may have goofed though and bought the fruit too early. I’m hoping to take care of the pineapple today and it still is good for Wednesday. The bananas are probably a lost cause. So maybe I’ll make banana bread and muffins with them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pretty fruit!
  • Cranberries, they’re pretty important.
  • Apples.
  • Oranges, I used the little clementines cause I had them already but normal-sized oranges work better with the amount listed.
  • Sugar.
  • Jello, Lots of Jello.
  • Hot water for making Jello.

The full instructions are in the recipe card below.

This actually is only 2 boxes of jello. I made the third after and added it.

Process the fruit until it looks almost like applesauce. Then add the sugar. Prepare the Jello separately.

Stir the sugar into the fruit mix until its dissolved.

Add the Jello and mix thoroughly, you don’t want clumps hiding in the Jello.

Pour into your pan and let set in the refrigerator at least 3-4 hours. 

Cranberry Salad

This is really good for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My grandma serves it as a relish for ham or turkey but I like it with whipped cream.
Prep Time 1 hr
Set time 3 hrs
Total Time 4 hrs
Course Dessert, Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 15 servings
Calories 91 kcal


  • Food Processor
  • Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Liquid Measuring cups
  • 9x13 dish


  • 1 bag Fresh Cranberries
  • 2 Apples chopped
  • 2 Oranges peeled and separated
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 boxes Raspberry Jello mix
  • 3 Cups Hot Water


  • Wash the apples and cranberries in some vinegar water and dry well.
  • Cut and core the apples, then dice to make it easier on your food processor
  • I had to do the processing in batches because my machine is really small. But if you have a full size one place about half the cranberries, apples and orange segments in the processor and pulse till finely chopped, the apples will start to resemble applesauce. Pour the processed fruit into a bowl and take care of the other half.
  • Once all the fruit is made to look like red applesauce with flecks of cranberry skin and in the bowl add the sugar and mix well, set aside.
  • For your Jello, mix the powder with the hot water and stir till dissolved, mixing well. Then add to the fruit mixture. If you follow the directions on the box you’ll get a very loose cranberry salad, so just the hot water.
  • Pour into a 9x13 dish and refrigerate till the jello is set, about 3 hours or overnight if serving the next day.
  • Serve alongside meats like you would canned cranberry sauce or as a dessert with whipped cream.
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