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Garden plans for 2020

So as I’ve stated before We won’t be having an in-ground garden this year due to house repairs. But once those repairs are completed it’ll be too late for spring planting.

To remedy my need for garden fresh tomatoes we’re going to get a few large pots (like this) from the garden store and have a few tomato plants and I’m thinking about trying carrots in a pot since our current garden soil is too clay heavy for them to grow. 

Also after the dumpster is off my garden bed and I’ve cleaned up all the stuff that missed the dumpster we will be installing raised beds. Now there are multiple ways to go about this, you can get the ready-made kits that come with treated boards and brackets and come in pre-measured sizes or you can just get the brackets and then make them whatever size you need. 

The latter is what we’re going for because I’m going to put them where my beds are now. We have four beds with paving stones for paths, the entire garden is 15 feet long and 7 feet wide with foot wide paths giving me approximately 21 feet of growing space per bed. The raised beds will give me more height which will help my back as I get older and I can amend the clay soil issue much easier. 

Another plus for raised beds is when we are ready to sell our little cottage it will look cleaner than an organized open wound in the ground. Mind you the sale of this property is years off but if we do improvements over the years rather than rushing to fix before it goes on the market will save us money. I mean who doesn’t love a well designed and well-kept garden?

Mind you the photo is a general representation of the aerial look, it’s not to scale at all but this is what I’m going for.

I can see it in my head, four sets of raised beds made with cedarwood (naturally bug and rot repellent), a nice mulched path with paving stones and big beautiful green plants of all sizes and shapes. That is my garden heaven.
I do hope to have it ready for a fall garden. Fresh Brussel sprouts and salad greens to brighten the gloomy days will be just what we need! And who knows, if I can get a frame set up I can turn one of the beds into a cold frame and keep them going most of the winter.

I, of course, will till up the in-ground bed and level it out before laying my frames down. This is the tiller I have and I love it.

What are your plans for the garden this year? Are you doing pots on the porch or balcony? Or maybe you’re going to try your hand at your first set of tomato plants this year. Let me know in the comments below!


January 24, 2020 at 1:19 pm

I love this! I am no where near garden planning, but I wish I was. I love your plan for raised beds. I hope you don’t mind if I steal your idea. I was tying to figure out how to do a big garden in the back and not have it dug up by the pup. And with my arthritis, this sounds great. I would love it if you could help me do some more planning. You would be able to take a bunch of what you help me grow. I want

    January 24, 2020 at 1:28 pm

    I put a link for the corner pieces we plan to use or you can pick a pre-made set. Your’s will have to be a bit taller to keep Barkley out. When this weather clears we’ll have to pick a day for planning. Or I can kidnap you when we come for the superbowl.

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