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Whats up Wednesday – Goals for November

I just finished a baby shower for a good friend of mine and can’t wait for her baby boy to get here in December. Little man got lots of diapers and we had a few games and way too much food! I made this bacon-wrapped kielbasa, homemade pudding cups, candy-covered oreo cookies that looked like pumpkins and deviled eggs. We had fun and enjoyed each other’s company, even a few guys who were mutual friends stopped by with diapers and baby clothes, you know who you are and I love you guys!


Ok, you guys the holidays are upon us! Working in retail I’ve learned that they do everything three months ahead, Billy has dubbed it HallTurkMas. As soon as the first of October hits, our local chain store will roll out Halloween candy and decor alongside the fall decor for Thanksgiving and put the ‘Christmas Shop’ in the garden center.

I make a vow to not decorate for Fall/Halloween till it is officially Autumn and we don’t put up Christmas until after Thanksgiving. If I hear Christmas music at work before Thanksgiving I just may blow my top, I can only stand ‘Frosty the Snowman’ so much.

Our goals this month revolve around more winter prep and the holidays. We like to not have that ‘oh no! I forgot such-n-such’s gift’ moments, I already have a list of who is getting what. 

Winter Preparedness

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  • We still need sandbags for the cars and more ice melt. Our city crew isn’t the best about getting to our street when the snow hits, I know that the main roads are the priority but I gotta go to work in order to pay the taxes that pay their checks.
  • Windows need insulating, especially in the laundry room and dining room since those are both nothing but windows.
  • Dusting off the extra heaters. We use space heaters to supplement our furnace because the vents need attention. The vents work but the bedrooms are so far away from the furnace that it’s not blowing very hot when it gets there so they need insulated, which is a project for this spring.
  • Prepping the generator. Anyone who has been to the Midwest in the winter knows that we have at least one good storm that knocks out the power during the season. We plan to use it mostly for the fridge and freezer and maybe some small white lights we bought on Amazon for the purpose.


  • Thanksgiving. We’re having both Thanksgiving and Christmas at my brother and his wife’s new house. The move-in date is tomorrow! Congrats guys! I’m flip-flopping on what I’m gonna take, either an apple crisp or cranberry brie bombs, possibly both.
  • Shopping. I like to shop early. Like, have all of Christmas bought by the end of November early. And no I won’t be posting any spoilers, my family does follow me.
  • Find a spot for our tree. We’ve had to rearrange things with having two kids and only a two-bedroom house so now we gotta rearrange again and possibly go through some stuff stored and toss/donate to make room for our tree. Just pray I don’t have to get another gate to keep Kathleen out of it. Last year she couldn’t crawl yet so it wasn’t an issue but now she’s walking and chewing on everything.

It actually snowed late Monday night and I was not happy. October is too early for snow dammit! And it’s been super freaking cold, like I don’t wanna be a puss and get my heavy coat out but I just may have to do so. The temps are dropping below freezing, which makes me wanna go vacation in Florida for the next few months.

This is not my car by the way.

So hopefully everyone is cozy and warm this year! What are your goals for this month?

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