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What’s up Wednesday – Monthly Goals for May

I can’t believe my sweet baby girl turns one in exactly two weeks from today. It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year since I was unknowingly in labor and scared to death as my baby girl was brought into this world. But I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

That’s not how you drink a bottle sweetheart!

Right so on to what we’ve been up to and our goals for May!

We’ve honestly been working so much that we hardly have the energy to keep up with Kathleen but bills gotta get paid so off to punch a clock we go. This weekend we’re going to my cousin’s housewarming party and I’m making this banana coffee cake much to his wife’s pleasure. I’m also gonna try to squeeze in some planting time between thunderstorms on my only other day off from work this week, hopefully, I don’t have to delay it till next week.

Also, my hens have gone laying crazy. I currently have three full dozen eggs, that’s almost a two weeks worth of eggs!

Turns out my blueberry bushes did make it! Now I just have to see if I get berries, I need to add some acidic fertilizer.

And my strawberries blossoms have started to become berries! Can’t wait for the first ripe ones of the season!

And I’ve added flower seeds to the bee garden in the very front of the yard, I planted some gypsum, alyssum, butterfly bush, and peonies. It already has zinnias and echinacea well established. I also got some new fairy garden decor for my bees since some were accidentally taken when my neighbor had someone come take care of the limb above their fence, I got everything at dollar tree so it’s no huge loss.

YAY sprouts!

On to the goals!


I’m fat, no beating around the bush. If I want to watch my daughter walk down the aisle then I have got to get my health in check. Once this weather clears up lots of walks are in our future.

  • Move more! At least three walks a week.
  • More veggies fewer carbs. I have made quite a bit of success in this department.
  • Cut back on the sugar. Billy and I both need this one, but if you try to take our morning coffee we may stab you with our spoons.


By work, I mean the blog. My day job has me where they want me I guess.

  • I want to add a bi-weekly post and I have the idea in my head just gotta make it a reality.
  • Set up blog posts in advance, I’m currently in bed trying to finish up so I can get some sleep without this gnawing on my brain.
  • Play with a new layout maybe.


  • My desk, it has gotten worse sadly. I will have to get that taken care of before Kathleen can reach it.
  • Laundry is ongoing but I’m pretty caught up now.
  • My poor clothesline, every time I have a day off with virtually no plans it’s beyond yucky out. Maybe Thursday will be nice long enough to get that done.


  • I already mentioned the veggies need planting but I’m making it my goal to have them in the ground by Kat’s birthday, so two weeks from now when I do Kat’s birthday post I’ll show ya the garden.
  • Temporarily patch up the chicken fence. the supports are sagging and I can barely walk in and I’m only 5’5″. A new coop is in the works but time and money are a constraint
  • Get some grass seed down so our yard doesn’t look like poo anymore, would love some native grasses rather than the commercial and invasive species.

That’s what we have going on so far. I’ll keep ya posted!

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