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What’s up Wednesday – Monthly recap

So I’ve missed a What’s up Wednesday and a Muffin Monday and for that, I apologize to my loyal readers. All two of you, haha just kidding, I hope. With the holidays and a crazy-ass work schedule which ends today (8 days in a row stretch, yuck) I will hopefully be able to get back on track.

This is the last Wednesday of the month so I’ll let you know how my goals went.


Right, so some of this did happen just not consistently.

  1. Moving more, I did go for walks but they became difficult with the foster puppy. He’s no longer here so we should be able to enjoy more walks.
  2. More veggies in our diet, that is slowly becoming the reality but this past menu is a little meat-heavy so work in progress.
  3. As for mindfulness as to what goes in my body, I have reduced my sugar intake but then Billy bought a pack of mountain dew and I was screwed. Maybe next month I can get him on the less soda bandwagon and save my growing buttocks.


Sadly none of these got done, but May is a new month and I can shoot for it again.


Out of this only laundry got done. And it’s piling up again so I know what I’m doing while I’m off tomorrow.

Wild violets all over my yard.

The Farmstead

I know this wasn’t in the list of goals but I figured I should update you guys. The seedlings have all died, I’m not sure if it was temperature fluctuations or what but they all got to a certain point and just went limp. Our local farm store has starter plants for $.99 so I’ll pick some up and use those this year.


So how is everyone’s month of April been? Kathleen now has two teeth and gets her photos for her birthday done tomorrow. She is also standing on her own for a few seconds at a time so next, she’ll be walking and I’ll be losing my mind! Does anyone know how to keep a one-year-old occupied for an hour or so? She likes to help and it makes it very hard to work when I’m erasing half of it due to baby typing.

She’s cute and my biggest inspiration.

And my hens are laying again!

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