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What’s up Wednesday – My baby is one!

So this post is a couple of months behind but I know everyone loves babies and birthdays. It’s been a year since my little came home from her 7 weeks stay in the NICU at Centerpoint Medical Center, and what a year it’s been!



I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was laying scared in a hospital bed while I was told my instincts and my body were wrong! On May 13th I started having contractions at work and didn’t realize it. By 10:15 am that Tuesday my beautiful baby girl shot out like a bullet. You can read more about it here.

She was so tiny!

But now I have a toddler…. wow never thought I would ever get to say that! She is growing like a weed, weighing 20lbs and crawling everywhere and finding mommy’s coffee. She pulls up and cruises around on the furniture, we’re exploring solids from mommy and daddy’s plate.

So far we like avocado, banana, meat sticks, pork&beans, and noodles. Her appetite expands all the time. Her favorite activities include getting into things for her party, chewing on anything she can get her two (4 now!) teeth on, and pulling mommy’s hair, she also loves watching Dave & Ava on youtube when mommy needs her occupied for a bit.

Welcome home, sweetie!

She’s my little miracle and I don’t know what  I’d do without her. Our next milestone is walking and using basic words. She knows ‘dada’ and baby babble, she only says ‘mama’ when she’s super tired or upset. We have taken away the bottle except for first thing in the morning to ensure she takes her vitamin and before bed to make sure she has a full tummy and sleeps well.

Two months old!
My friend Amanda did a photoshoot for Kat’s birthday

Her party was a bit of a washout quite literally. There was a decent size storm and for most of the morning we had no power at home or the venue, luckily the power came back on shortly before I left the house to set up. The important people showed up and that’s what truly mattered. We had some food and the kids had balloons to play with. A friend from work made her smash cake and the cupcakes for everyone else and they were awesome.

With all the changes that have recently Ben happening in our home I should have more time to dedicate to our little farm. And more time for the blog as well. No more early morning wakes ups for me anymore.

And if anyone has recommendations for getting kids to eat solids I’d appreciate the advice! And Muffin Monday has come to a temporary close  I’ve surprisingly run out of ideas and I’ve also cut back on carbs so I’d rather resist temptation. See you guys next week!


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