Seed starting for beginners

Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash. These are the most common plants that are started indoors, squash includes 965 different curcurbits but the most popular are cucumber, zucchini and summer squash.

MMMMMM avocados are yummy mommy!!

I won’t be able to do as much as I’d like this year due to having the baby in tow so what I  can take care of in about 20 minutes on average a day is my best bet so Kathleen isn’t out in the heat too much on the days I won’t have help. Speaking of Miss Kathleen, we tried avocado and love it plus its messy fun.

I always start my tomatoes inside to give them that leg up. I’m doing a different starter this year, normally I would use peat pellets but since I’m cutting back this year I grabbed a ‘smaller’ starting tray. By smaller I mean it has 18 spots for pots rather than 72 for peat pellets, my local box store doesn’t have the peat pots that fit this one so I gotta get it online through Amazon or Territorial Seed. I ended up ordering through Territorial Seed Company.

Pumpkin seeds

For fertilizer, I use a fish emulsion diluted in water and then when they’re in the ground they get a combination of homemade compost and targeted organic fertilizers with occasional sprays of the fish/water during peak season.

Tomato seeds, I think these are the cherry type blueberry. tomatoes

This season I’m definitely doing cucumbers so I can make pickles, tomatoes because I have a love affair with them and my homemade salsa. I’m still on the fence about trying to do the outcross beans I got from a program on a forum to save endangered plant species and talk to other garden enthusiasts. Honestly, they’re awesome people, they always remember my birthday!

My future pickles.

Ok so for this year I broke down and got a heating mat especially for seed starting. I use a window in my dining room that gets a decent amount of morning sun but it still stays kinda cold so I’m gonna give them a leg up. Once they’re established I’ll wean them off the heat so they don’t become dependent and don’t get too leggy (meaning super long and fragile).

So I ended up goofing up, the peat pots I ordered ended up being too big for my tray so while I’m waiting for the proper size to get here I’m going to use my peat pellets for the 72 cell starting tray that way my seeds aren’t too far behind for the season.

Left is yellow crookneck and right is Black Beauty zucchini

The pellets are simple to use, pick the number you need and soak them in water (use warm it makes it go faster). Once they’re fully moistened they’ll puff up into little fat peat sausages.

Now they’re all wet you make a hole for your seed depending on the seed. A melon seed would need more room than a tomato seed. The specifications are on your seed packets, pencils work great as well as pinkie fingers.

Habanero peppers

Place the desired seed into the prepared pellet, make sure you try to label! Be it with a popsicle stick or some fancy label, You don’t want to have mystery seedlings, it’s not fun.

Once you’ve got your seeds marked and ‘planted’ you place the tray on top of the heat pad and put the cover on. Most sprout around 3-6 weeks with proper temperatures. I will have a post about the next steps in seed starting once everything starts popping up! What’s your preferred seed starting method? What’s your favorite tomato variety? Let me know in the comments below!

All the varieties and such that I plan to grow this year are in this post.


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