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What’s up Wednesday – September Goals

So I know I said I would post more but ya know life. So here I am writing up my goals for September, in bed with Billy trying to sleep next to me and my swaddled kiddo in her crib for now and not my bed. I’m currently on vacation from my day job! I’m enjoying the quiet time at the moment and I’m sure other blogging and working moms can agree that time alone is practically nonexistent. I take advantage of being followed to the bathroom however and turn them into potty training lessons. But being on the computer is begging for tiny fingers to type for me. And my phone had become our favorite chew toy and button toy all rolled into one.

Aunt Julie, I want your rug!

First an update on things here at the farmstead! My tomatoes have gone gangbuster but the rain is making it hard for them to ripen, my strawberries have put out a lot of runners for me to transplant/trade, and my chickens have become brats and are eating their eggs again. I’m working on that with them of course, hopefully, I succeed in breaking the habit. Kathleen is growing like a weed, of course, her dislike of solid foods is irritating but she’s showing improvement, we now know for a fact that she likes strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and peanut butter on bread not toast. She also is having a love affair with juice (watered down of course) and seems to be tolerating dairy quite well, especially since we waited till her adjusted age of one year not chronological (explanation here).

I have finally gotten on the Etsy bandwagon, I have found soooooo many adorable outfits I want for Kathleen and some cute decor for when we ‘stage’ the house for sale (not for years to come) and for just decor in general. Heck, I even found a shirt for when we decide to add to the household (once again not for many years to come).

So I think that catches everyone up….. pretty sure at least.

My goals for this month are geared more towards getting ready for the dreaded winter season and a word I’ve come to consider a curse in my home, that word is snow. I have a love/hate relationship with snow, I love the quiet beauty of falling snow especially when the moon is out,  but driving in it, working in it, and living with the real possibility that I can’t get into my driveway or someone else will just by trying to drive up our street. That makes me hate snow. I know that Kat will want to play in the snow and that’s fine as long as we’re as far away from the street as possible to avoid getting hit by yahoos driving up or down our steep hill. I honestly wish I had enough vacation days to just not go to work for the whole winter and avoid the possibility of totaling my car.

Ok now for the goals and enough bitching about the snow!

  1. Make sure we have enough water stored. This year was a rare one, we usually have at least one boil order a summer around here and this year fate decided to spare our ward of town. That makes me leery for this winter, water mains can bust at any time of year and I’d rather not have to fight the snow, ice, and people to get safe water for everyone in the house. The animals I can easily just melt snow if it comes down to it but for the rest of us, I would feel safer with a few more packs of bottled water.
  2. Food. One of the top three things for survival. I seriously need to go through and clean out my pantry and take stock of what we have and make sure that I can make meals out of it should I not be able to make it to the store or if we lose power. I have a couple of backpacker meals that I picked up on sale but that won’t last us long and beans and rice aren’t exactly what I can feed us every day for a week if it comes down to it. Plus 90% of my beans are dried which means they have to soak and soaking takes up valuable water.

    I stole this image in an ecosia search.
  3. Car maintenance. I am the worst at remembering to check my fluids and in the winter running out of antifreeze is a death sentence in the midwest. We’re going to invest in some snow chains for Billy’s car and new tires for both are needed. We also discussed those plug-ins you see hanging from vehicles in Alaska and Canada. Last year my car battery kept draining from the cold before we bought a new one. Waking my poor husband up at 3 AM to come to jumpstart my car in below-freezing weather is not something we want to repeat this year.
  4. Yard clean-up. This includes the chickens who will have a new coop by the end of summer and we will have to refigure how to keep the water from freezing and not electrocute my birds. Plus cleaning up the gardens and clearing away the non-compostables are a multi-day task. We are weird and like to leave the maple leaves on the ground all winter to protect what grass is surviving our very sunny front yard plus it leaches nutrients into the ground. Once spring arrives and the threat of freezing is gone we mulch the leaves and add them to the compost pile, which is added to the gardens just before planting.

That’s our goal for this month. If there are any winter preparedness tips you like to share please do so in the comments! Also a belated happy birthday to my older sister Cassie who is now 39!

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