What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

We got a lot done this week. The garden is just about done being planted for summer harvest, all that is left to do is transplant the tomatoes, peppers and fall squash that we were kindly given by my sister since she let the twins plant too many.  I worry about their survival as they’ve kind of went limp, hopefully, I’m not overwatering them.

Kathleen’s vocabulary has been exploding the past few weeks and I can hear her when I’m in the garden and she’s in her playpen (she loves to run) and she just keeps babbling away and squealing at the spinners I have in the garden to scare off the local stray cats.  Of course some days she absolutely despises her playpen and we have to find something to entertain her so we can get the things done.

Toddlers gonna toddle!

I’ve got the mulch in for the paths but still need some for in between the house and garden and around the corn bed. I’m still preparing the holes for my rhubarb since the instructions say to fertilize the spot then let it sit for a month prior to planting. ARGH! I just wanna get them in the ground!

I’ve been trying to go for walks at least a couple of days a week but the weather has been abysmal. But we did get out the other day and Kat got a flower that mommy picked for her. I was hoping she’d doze off but she was too excited by the sights. Hopefully, tomorrow the weather will clear up and we can go for a nice walk.

I finally had to order a new set of business cards, I blew through the original 100 in about 6 months give or take. They came in the mail the other day so now I can start handing them out some more. I also got a shoutout from my buddy Bear at Bear Independent and had no idea he was going to do that so I kinda freaked out for a moment. But of course, I appreciate it! Also, our Instagram followers have risen, I’m now 8 followers away from 100! 

Today: Leftovers

Thursday: TBD. It’s shopping day and I usually don’t feel like cooking after running all over creation.

Friday: Pork Roast in the Multi-cooker, this will make at least 4 meals total

Saturday: Hamburger Gumbo

Sunday: Sloppy Joes

Monday: Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad

Tuesday: Cheesy Chicken Nachos

What are you having this week?

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What's up Wednesday

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