What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

This week has been a rollercoaster with the weather! First, it’s beautiful and sunny and I just wanna stay outside all day then its cloudy, rainy, and just plain abysmal. Sunday I woke up to rain and thunder but by noon it was sunny and gorgeous outside, gotta love spring. My bee garden finally has bloomed, I have two colors of columbine this year.

Sunday also happened to be Billy’s birthday and I, of course, got a snapshot of him dozing off with a tired and cranky Kat and posted it to Instagram with a birthday shoutout. She had a canine tooth pop through so she has every right to be cranky right now.

Garlic in the front, onions in the back.

The garden is getting into full swing, I’ve got flowers and budding strawberries plus the onions and garlic are going gangbuster. None of the seeds I’ve planted other than the corn have done much yet. And I planted the seeds from Burning Hearth Homestead on Monday.

Berries incoming!

We are going to experiment with growing potatoes in 5-gallon food-grade buckets (from this video) and plan to start them this week as well. And I have some awesome friends, one of my besties has been saving her coffee grounds and veggie scraps for the compost and it’s been awesome. The first one I filled (mostly with chicken coop cleanout) is just about ready to spread on the beds, I’m thinking maybe another week or two. 

Now for the Menu:

Today: Leftovers

Thursday: BBQ Pulled Pork wrapped in crescent rolls using the pork loin I cooked Friday

Friday: Homemade Hamburger Helper 

Saturday: Cast Iron Patty Melts we use Brioche buns instead of sourdough buts it’s great either way.

Sunday: Breakfast for Dinner

Monday: Soup and Sandwiches

Tuesday: Tamale Nachos (Billy’s idea)

What are you guys having this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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