What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

My poor baby now has three canine teeth and is working on the fourth, her birthday may not be as fun as we’d hoped. Billy bought her some outside toys without telling me first and I think my sister Julie may have gotten her the same one that got delivered today. I guess we’ll see Friday!

The garden is going great! I’ve got sprouts everywhere and we got the potatoes started. I can’t wait to can some fresh salsa with tomatoes and peppers from my garden. I’ve been doing a lot of research in canning everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! I now have the knowledge for canning potatoes, and ground meats and the next one I’ll be looking into is canning stew beef and chunks of chicken. Oh, the wonders of having a pressure canner!

Beans! I have two different pole beans this year as I recall them having the best yield.
Kat is gonna love these sunflowers once they bloom! And I’m gonna love making roasted sunflower seeds.

I have decided to start posting on Instagram more so look forward to a lot of garden and chicken pictures with my goofball photobombing child. 

Two of the chickens are in full swing but I still have one laying soft-shelled eggs. I wish I knew which one it was, I have my suspicions but it baffles me cause she was the top hen of the flock and I see her kinda becoming an underdog. I’ve increased calcium supplements and calcium-rich treats. I just hope it clears up. 

Kat’s vocabulary has exploded during the shutdown. She can now sing her ABC’s and kinda count to 10. Her new favorite word is ‘no,’ bet ya can guess why, and her favorite phrase is ‘I said no.’ I don’t know how she’s gonna survive her teenage years. She has also been clicking with shape names. Now if only she would grasp the concept of potty training. I’m thinking about the panties method where you put them in big kid undies and see if they get why they need to use the potty. A friend of mine is having some success with this, her daughter won’t potty in her panties but will in the pull up she wears at nap time. Any advice? Drop it in the comments below!

Here is this week’s menu:

Today: Leftovers, honestly there isn’t a whole lot in the fridge so I honestly have no idea what we’ll be having

Thursday: TBD, shopping day

Friday: It’s Kat’s 2nd birthday! We’re going to see some family and will be eating dinner there.

Saturday: Chicken Alfredo with Garlic Bread

Sunday: Goulash, basically gonna wing it.

Monday: Easy Veggie Lo Mein

Tuesday: Tacos, nice basic tacos.

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