What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

Kathleen is officially a toddler, excuse me while I go cry. Her birthday was Friday and we went to see some family. She made out like a bandit, we now have two slides, a swing, two new books, a unicorn swimming pool, a play tunnel that looks like a bee, a llama playdoh set, a push around unicorn that flaps it’s wings when you walk with it, and a leapfrog alphabet tablet. Not bad for the apocalypse. She had lots of fun running around the big fenced in yard at Julie’s and playing with the puppy who she used to be scared of. The only meltdowns we had was when we stopped singing happy birthday and when mommy took the slide away.

First time on a slide. I’m pretty sure she loves it.

The rest of the week has been pretty busy. I got to go to the local farmer’s market this past Saturday and got some cucumber plants since mine didn’t sprout and found some cute 100% cotton bowl cozies that we can use to reduce microwave time or keep things hot/cold. Mine is purple (of course) with sunflowers and I got a Peppa Pig one for Kathleen, Billy didn’t get one because I know he won’t use it unless I make him.

I discovered canning meat recently on another blog/vlog and have been trying my hand at it. We now have chicken and beef canned and ready to go for quick meals. The plus side is I don’t have to actually cook it when I want to use them, simply reheat with whatever I need for the dish planned. Such as tacos, simply empty jar contents into the pan and add seasoning, then cook as recommended for your seasoning packets.

Woot! Quick meals for days! And no need for a fridge.

I’ll admit when it’s done settling/cooling they don’t look particularly appetizing but they taste like you just cooked it up that day.

We have so many plants popping up in the raised beds. We now have 2 zucchini, 1 sunflower, 3 beans, 4 cucumbers (see above), and loads of carrots and beets. Still waiting on the peppers and tomatoes to pop up along with the herbs. I have loads of baby green strawberries that will make maybe a pint of jam, but I have an idea to increase that next year with a smaller raised bed where they can get more sun.

Hurry up and turn red!
Little baby cucumber plants. They look tiny compared to my garlic and onion.
Beans beans the magical fruit!

Here is this week’s menu:

Today: Leftovers, hopefully.

Thursday: No-peek Chicken

Friday: Shepards Pie (gonna try the canned beef for this)

Saturday: Survival Casserole (aka what you have in the pantry with noodles)

Sunday: Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

Monday: Meatless Spaghetti

Tuesday: My Famous Quesadillas

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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What's up Wednesday

May 13, 2020