What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

What has been with this weather?! I mean seriously, there was no precipitation in the forecast for Monday at all and I go to get ready for work and boom, there was a good half-inch of snow on the ground and more coming. When I went to my car that morning I forgot about the ice under the snow and almost ate gravel, it was not fun! 

We cleaned out the deep freezer over the weekend and well let’s just say next week’s menu will be planned out of my freezer and the overabundance of frozen broccoli and other assorted vegetables. Not to mention the meat that we found that I could’ve sworn had been used.

On a lighter note, Kat has been getting into all sorts of trouble. Her newest hijinks have involved climbing onto the couch or recliner and then crawling over to the other. She slipped and fell between the two on Monday, I doubt she’s learned her lesson though. She also has been trying to climb the gate we use for our bedroom door because she loves to play on our bed.

She was supposed to have an interview for Early Headstart here in town last Thursday but there was a scheduling mix up and it got rescheduled for yesterday. We’re on a waiting list for now. We had to use the changing table in a room with girls her age and I sat her down to clean up and she was trying to play with the girls. She cried when we left, she just wanted to play.

Today: Leftover night, I’ll probably have leftover sausage and peppers or quesadillas.

Thursday: Pan-fried Porkchops with spinach and mashed sweet potatoes.

Friday: Salmon Roll Sushi Bowl

Saturday: Gnocchi Soup, I love Sarah’s recipes.

Sunday: Chinese Lo Mein

Monday: Fruit Salad with yogurt, I’m licking my chops just thinking about it! And of course, it will be mostly seasonal fruit like oranges, pineapple, grapes, apples.

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