What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

I know I said this last week but, geez this weather!

I’m pretty sure we got close to 3 inches or more! Not even the chickens were tempted to come out. It’s honestly good snowman material but it’s too cold out!

So our local team made it to the Super Bowl. I will admit I’m not a sports fan by any means but I am proud of our KC Chiefs for finally not choking at the playoffs. And I was invited to a Super Bowl party at my brother’s house, It’ll probably be just me and the kids going and I’m not sure what food I plan to bring just yet.

Now I know what it’s like having two kids under the age of two!

Good thing I have a carrier (this is the one I have) for little Kyler cause Kat is always glued to me when we go to Matt and Julie’s place! 

So far we’ve been able to avoid any serious sickness in our house this winter but it’s far from over (yes I knocked on wood). The worst we had was a bad cold that got passed around, poor Billy got the worst of it and at some point couldn’t hear out of his left ear for the longest time. I think it’s because we try to eat as healthy as possible and we don’t go anywhere unless we have to.

Kelsey has gone back to work and I’ve started watching Kyler for her, she wouldn’t have been able to return to work if I hadn’t honestly. He’s really an easy baby, for the most part, sometimes he misses his mommy and needs snuggles which is fun cause Kat is most definitely jealous and wants in my lap at the same time like the picture above. 

Honestly, it’s like riding a bike. It doesn’t seem that long ago I was doing the same for Kat when in reality it’s been almost two years!

All clean from a warm bath.

Today: Leftover night, if there is any fruit salad left I know what I’m having

Thursday: Fish and chips, we found 4 lbs of tilapia in the freezer so we’re gonna use some of it up. Billy makes the best-fried fish.

Friday: Ham steak cooked up in the cast iron with mashed potatoes, red-eye gravy, and steamed broccoli.

Saturday: Instapot/multicooker Orange Chicken over rice/caulirice I’m not sure which one yet, and I have some Asian blend veggies in the freezer we can have on the side.

Sunday: The Chiefs are going to the SuperBowl and we’ve been invited by my family to come to watch the game. The first game of the whole season that I’ll watch beginning to end since I don’t feel like paying for cable. I’m not sure what I’m bringing yet, maybe my dad’s recipe for ‘redneck sushi’.

Monday: Roasted Gnocchi and Vegetables. It’s this recipe without the sausage.

Tuesday: I’m using up some ham from the freezer for Farmer’s Casserole in the crockpot.

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