What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

So Kyler had surgery Wednesday to correct an anomaly called Pyloric Stenosis. He is doing great and came home the very next day.

Of course, now that he’s feeling better he wants even more love and snuggles so I’ve had to strap him into the baby carrier and carry him around while cooking. To battle this I’m going to take advantage of my only planned baby free day and that is Mondays. I’m going to cook my tush off and make some freezer meals and squeeze them in between easy to fix meals. 

My food processor is going to come in handy as well for this (thanks for the birthday present Billy!). It’ll make chopping and shredding that much easier, especially onions, I love onion but I hate the peeling and cutting of it. I used to make Billy do it for me when he was home and have him do extra so I’d have it for the next recipe. 

So I’m sure just about everyone watched the Super Bowl on Sunday and saw that Mahomes pulled a rabbit out of the hat and smeared the 49ers. We watched the first half of the game at my brother’s house and had a nice visit with the family. Kat crawled into the lap of a family friend whom she had never met before and had all of us in shock. We decided to leave early because the kids needed to go to bed and we were both tired. It was a great game and they both fought well for the win.

Kat snuggled up with Ed and his wife.

I’m so excited about our early spring as predicted by Phil the Groundhog! The sooner spring gets here the sooner the roof gets done and I can put in my raised beds! Once we get our tax return we’re going to take care of the roof and some routine car maintenance, once that’s done I’ll be able to order the corner pieces to make the raised beds.

Here is this weeks menu:
Today: Leftover night

Thursday: Smoked Sausage Alfredo from the freezer

Friday: Gnocchi Beef Stew, the original recipe makes a huge batch so I had to do the math to make a smaller one.

Saturday: Tacos per Billy’s request

Sunday: Chicken Broccoli Casserole, this is a dedicated recipe for freezer cooking.

Monday: I’m trying a new recipe out for you guys.

Tuesday: Taco Casserole, another freezer meal

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What's up Wednesday

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