What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

So we had a bit of an equipment malfunction on the farmstead. Remember that pipe watering system for the chickens I was so excited about? Well, it looks like it’s not quite as weather-proof as advertised. Billy was able to patch up the crack with epoxy on the outside of the pipe for now but we will have to replace it eventually. And while that cured we had to use the old water fount which I thankfully kept. It gave me a chance to reroute the warming cord and insulate it, which will come in handy cause it will help keep the water cool this summer.

I do believe spring is finally on its way! I saw the daffodils starting to poke up, I love the colors we have on the property and can’t wait to see them bloom. The sooner we get the warm weather the sooner we get the roof done and I can put in the raised beds

I’ll be spending a lot of the summer at my brother’s house helping my sister in law with the garden at their new house. I can’t wait!

With me busy with the kids I don’t have much of an update this week. Hopefully, I can finish my lemon cheesecake recipe in time for you guys to try it out for Valentines’ day and I’m working on a freezer cooking bit for you guys too. It seriously helps when you’ve only got two hands and two kids under the age of two to wrangle.

No, she’s not jealous! right?!


Today: Leftovers, knowing me I’ll dig into the pasta salad from Monday.

Thursday: Potato soup, I’m hoping to get good photos so I can post it at a later date.

Friday: Runzis, a family recipe that I will probably show later. I’m going to freeze the excess for later.

Saturday: A store-bought Pizza from the freezer.

Sunday: I’m cheating and making chicken helper.

Monday: Bean and cheese burritos

Tuesday: Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas from the freezer


What are you guys having this week?

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