What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

Well, Spring is definitely on its way! We have the daffodils coming up next to my strawberries, and the wild onions are starting to poke through. We got our first egg on Saturday, turns out they had started laying a few days ago but the below-freezing temps froze and cracked them so I’ve only got one to show for it. Now we know to check daily again.

Can’t wait to see those bright yellow blooms!

And I’ve started my ‘honey-do list’ of things to do once the weather warms up enough to spend a few hours outside working in the yard before I pick up Kyler for the evening. I’ll also be spending some time at my brother’s house, helping my sister-in-law with the garden at the new house.

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? I spent it at home with the kids. I was unable to get the lemon cheesecake done in time due to having the kids, and it didn’t come out the way I liked. I’m gonna play with it some and have it up in time for Easter. I do have some other recipes I’m working on and want to get them perfect for you guys before I post them.

And I have an awesome husband. My poor cookbooks have been in limbo since we got our ‘new to us’ fridge and he made me a shelf for them.

Today: leftover night, lately we haven’t had much to eat for our leftover night since I’ve been focusing on making less and therefore having less waste.

Thursday: TBD since it’s a shopping day.

Friday: 15 Minute Chicken Pasta with a veggie.

Saturday: Ravioli Lasagna

Sunday: Burgers and maybe fries if not a steamed veggie.

Monday: Salad with seasonal veggies

Tuesday: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas


I also found out that this past Thursday, one of my classmates passed away unexpectedly. He leaves behind 9 children. Fly high David, you will be missed and remembered. Keep your babies close, you never know when you will leave them or when heavens forbid they will leave you.

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