What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday

So I never posted last weeks What’s up Wednesday due to a flurry of activity that led to a friend having to stay with us. When I share this week’s menu I’ll share last weeks as well.

The plans are in full swing for the roof repair! We still have to call the city about setting up the dumpster and the permit (yes a permit to fix previous owner’s mistakes, we’re not happy). We’re also going to put some wood down in the attic space so we can use it for storage, there will be no structural changes other than installing an attic stair where the current access ‘door’ is. After that, I can finally put in the raised beds and start on the fall garden. Yes, I’m doing a happy dance.

We did some shopping for things we had planned to get, sadly one of the stores was out of my large purchase there but I’ll be calling to speak to someone who maybe knows what they’re doing and can help me find another store in their network that I can get the item. And of course, Kat was full of piss and vinegar while we were shopping so we had to run some of her energy off and when mommy got winded she found a way to trap the little beast.

Mommy how do I get out of this?!

We’re getting her leg braces on St. Patrick’s Day, I’m going to need a gallon of aspirin cause she is not going to be happy when those go on. The braces are specially fit to her legs and will help correct her toe-walking (yes it’s that bad) and she also has an issue with her ankles that this will help correct.

And is it just me or does she look a little bit like Michelle Tanner from Full House? Any 90’s kids out there to confirm my suspicions?

You got it, dude!

Who’s ready for some spring cleaning? I know I am, our little cottage is so cluttered. My job while we take some time off work to do the roof will be to purge this house! And clean up what used to be the chicken yard. But purging is my main goal for those few days. Who else wants to purge the clutter with me?

Last week’s menu:

Wednesday: Leftovers, I can’t remember if we had leftovers or if we had a pizza.

Thursday: we were supposed to have pork chops with mushroom sauce but I think I made 15-minute chicken pasta instead.

Friday: Ravioli Lasagna

Saturday: I made honey butter chicken over rice but it was supposed to be a meatloaf that I never made.

Sunday: Sesame Chicken sheet pan dinner over rice

Monday: We were supposed to have a veggie frittata but we were out late and ending up grabbing fast food.

Tuesday: Taco Pockets was what we planned but life happened yet again and we had pizza, again.

As you can see my menu kinda got thrown to the wind last week due to trying to fit another family into our little cottage but this week I’m determined to stick to it!

This week’s menu:

Today: Leftovers, we have plenty in there so we should be able to stick with that.

Thursday: TBD, it’s shopping day.

Friday: Onion Meatloaf from my out of print cookbook.

Saturday: Gumbo!

Sunday: Bangers and Mash. I’ve been wanting to do pictures for this recipe and maybe I can make them look appetizing this time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share the recipe I use soon.

Monday: Going to try veggie frittata again.

Tuesday: The Taco pockets I had planned are going to happen this time!

What are you having for dinner this week?

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