What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday and Meal Plan

It looks like we have a name for the new chicken. I’m stuck between Carmelita (due to her caramel coloring) or Dulce de Leche (once again the coloring).

The girls enjoying some free watermelon. The melon was left on the curb by the local food pantry due to it being a little too ripe for human consumption. Waste not, want not!

Also, Carmelita/Leche gave us an egg but it didn’t make it to the nest box! I’m not sure what to call this color but it was a greenish color but had a lot of ‘bloom’ on it and some calcium deposits.

Yup, that’s under the ramp to the coop.

Just about everything in the garden has blooms except my tomatoes and the peppers which somehow are just now popping up. The cucumbers are loaded so I’m seeing lots of pickling in my near future and the zucchini have had a few good-sized blooms so I’m sure I’ll get some good size ones out of those for zucchini relish. And of course, sauteed zucchini is the bomb!

Kathleen has been pretty sassy lately (check on the mothers of toddlers, we’re not ok!) Nothing safe in my house, laundry, fridge magnets, dishes, books, shoes, and my insoles that I have for plantar fasciitis are just to name a few. She has recently returned to climbing into her toy boxes and it’s pretty funny to see her scrunched up in them like I curl up in my recliner.

This is so comfy mommy!

I’m also looking into another form of monetizing our blog. It’s not quite ready yet but I’ll let you guys know when it is!

It’s a secret. For now.

If you have any ideas for exclusive content for this new monetizing platform let me know in the comments below!

Another thing we got that is to further better the blog is Billy got me a camera! No more trying to get good photos of recipes with my phone (hence why I haven’t posted a recipe in a while) or having trouble focusing on small details in the garden. It has a macro function and the zoom is phenomenal!

Selfie with my new toy! And a photobomb by the baby.

Here is this week’s menu:

Today: Leftovers, we had Joey down so we may not have much left in the fridge.

Thursday: TBD, it’s shopping day and I’ve had a hankering for Chicken Parmigiana so I’ll probably grab the tv dinner version.

Friday: Chili, I know it’s hot but Billy requested Chili Dogs so I gotta make chili (insert eye roll).

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner! We finally got a waffle iron to replace the one we tossed.

Sunday: Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread, maybe a light side salad.

Monday: Salad, again, I know I’m so interesting but it’s a simple meatless meal. And being right after shopping day I don’t have to worry about my greens going slimy.

Tuesday: Easy Chicken Quesadillas

What are you guys having this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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What's up Wednesday

July 1, 2020