What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday and Meal Plan

Well, this week has been hectic! We had a nasty winter storm that kept us all indoors, for the most part, not even the chickens wanted to leave the warmth of the coop. 

My birthday was this past Friday and other than the weather it was a good one. We went to Red Lobster thanks to a gift card we got for Christmas (thanks Julie!) the day before for lunch and got our grocery shopping done. Billy got me a real food processor even though I told him I didn’t want anything, men, right?

hmmm, what should I make first?

Now I just gotta find some counter space for it and I think I might be able to squeeze it in next to the coffee pot. And I can finally toss the little nuwave blender thing I got eons ago.

We had fun with some Facebook filters.

I gotta hang out with my bestie and her adorable little boy on both my birthday and the day after. Even Billy got to snuggle little Kyler. We tried to have a few drinks since I didn’t have to be up at o’ dark thirty on Sunday and realized that since it’s been so long that while it was fun, having two kids needing their mommies kinda put a damper on our plans. Next time we may just abandon Billy with the kids and go out. Which will be hard since we love our kids so much. Do any other mommas feel that way?

Kyler and Uncle Billy getting snuggles.


Here soon you will see what I’ve been working on here recently. I’m hoping to have it done by next Friday and this Friday I should have a recipe completely typed up for you guys.

Here is this week’s Meal Plan:

Today: Leftovers, last week we had jack all so I ended up grabbing some frozen Chinese food. This week we should have plenty of edible food.

Thursday: Beef and Barley Stew, making this again for photos.

Friday: S.O.S or for those who didn’t grow up having staples from the great depression I think the other name is creamed beef on toast.

Saturday: Pan-fried Chicken with sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas

Sunday: Sausage (brats) and Peppers in the crockpot

Monday: Broccoli Cheddar Frittata

Tuesday: Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas

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