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What’s up Wednesday and Meal Plan

We got some not so good news this week. Kat is still losing weight from her picky eating and wanting to drink her calories. I’m pretty close to just not buying juice anymore so that she can start eating again, hopefully. As it is with the amount of fruit she eats she doesn’t really need the juice to get the vitamins.

If it weren’t for her goat’s milk and supplementing pediasure she would’ve lost even more weight. But we’ll keep trucking on and keep introducing foods, maybe cut back on the ‘safe’ foods to encourage her to eat what we eat.

Sleepy girl snuggling up with mommy.[/caption]

On to lighter news, Billy finally let me help with automotive care! He needed another set of hands and Kat was asleep so I helped him put the headers back onto his truck, I got to be a temporary grease monkey.

The garden is doing well and once we get some of the hiccups figured out we’ll finally have an outdoor hose hook-up after being here for 6 years. And despite having issues with watering the garden is doing well. I should be able to harvest my cucumbers this week and I’m gonna probably pull the bigger onions and all of the garlic tomorrow or Friday. 

Other than that it’s been pretty quiet around here. We work at our tax-paying jobs, come home to take care of the house, garden, animals and the kids and then we rinse and repeat. Maybe next week I’ll have some harvest photos for you guys. 

And for our Patrons. Our busy day Thursday is going down to see our new property! I have a post for you guys that will have some pictures and such. Our family doesn’t know but a few coworkers and friends that don’t blab were told because it’s me and I was too excited to not tell someone. 

Without further ado, here is this week’s menu.

Today: Leftovers

Thursday: A busy day is planned so we’re just gonna throw a frozen pizza in the oven.

Friday: I’m roasting a chicken, not sure what sides I’ll whip up just yet.

Saturday: Rigatoni with meat sauce and some garlic bread.

Sunday: BLT pasta salad with chicken leftover from earlier in the week.

Monday: Sun-dried tomato pesto pasta

Tuesday: Plain old fashioned tacos, I’m running out of taco ideas that are quick and easy. 

What are you guys having this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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