What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday and Meal Plan

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July. We went to Julie’s and there was a block party. The kids played and Kathleen got soaked because she’s a water baby and Billy didn’t listen when I said she needed her swimsuit. Thank goodness for a spare outfit.

I wanna help!

At one point they lit over $800 worth of firecrackers, and that was just the beginning. Surprisingly Kat wasn’t ‘gun shy’ about the noise but when they set off the black cat rolls she broke down and let us put earmuffs on her. Mind you this child hates anything on her ears or head, hats are a nightmare.

The aftermath of 8 black cat rolls!

And of course, there was food. We brought some salad that I’m not sure even got eaten but there was a lot there so it doesn’t surprise me. Plus it was a holiday, who wants to eat healthy on a holiday.

My garden is exploding, the corn is starting to get the ‘flowers’ that will eventually produce ears. The tomatoes and getting bigger as well as the cucumbers and zucchini, I actually got to harvest a hand full of beans recently that will need to be eaten soon.

Little baby tomatoes.
Corn ‘flower’.
Yummy beans!

I forgot to mention but Billy finally got his hands on a truck. It’s basically our farm truck that may become his daily driver. We won’t have to finagle things into our cars or borrow my father-in-law’s explorer anymore! All Billy had to replace was a few hoses and the head gasket. We hope to have it up and running by the end of the week and then get it inspected and legal.  Once that happens we can start hauling some of our junk out of here and get our yard back.

We’re working on making room to get some apple and plum trees. Plus a grape arbor towards the back of the property. Sadly this means we’ll have to cut down the mulberry tree but we don’t much out of it since it wasn’t properly maintained prior to us taking possession. And the maple trees are the bane of my garden so I’m excited that they’re coming down eventually.

Carmelita is out doing the outdoing the others.

The fence for the garden is almost complete, all that’s left is the gate. Then I won’t have to worry about bunnies and stray cats.

My baby girl is growing up. We got her a toddler bed, cue the crying. I need to sand it down and paint it before we put it in her room, then we’ll store the crib for the next baby (years from now). I’ll post some pictures after it’s done. I’m thinking a buttery yellow or cream color that way it’s gender-neutral.

Has anyone just taken over their significant other’s Instagram? Billy has one and doesn’t upload to it and I’m bout to just say ‘gimme your phone so I can post the pictures you took’ that way he won’t have to send them to me first. Plus he sucks at social media, no idea how to hashtag so more people see it, he can tag on Facebook but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know how to on Instagram. I need to teach this man!

This is Insta worthy! But Billy is clueless.

Here is this week’s menu!

Today: Leftovers

Thursday: TBD Shopping day means I don’t wanna cook

Friday: Kielbasa with Cabbage and Potatoes

Saturday: Chicken Alfredo, I’ve got some garlic bread in the freezer calling my name!

Sunday: Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole, this didn’t happen last week since the holiday we moved some stuff around.

Monday: A recipe I’m working on for Patreon.

Tuesday: Taco Pasta

What are you having this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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What's up Wednesday

July 1, 2020