What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday and Meal Plan

So some big things happening this week! We’re moving the camper down to the property so that it’ll already be there when we move down to build the house. The camper is going to be our ‘tiny home’  for us while we build the homestead. 

We’re also going to check out the best places for a solar array set up and for the gardens. I want the gardens and animal sheds close enough to the house that it’s not an issue getting to them in winter but not so close that we’re tripping over animals when we step outside. 

And we’ve finally settled on house design and floor plan (sorta). We’re looking into an A-frame with three bedrooms, an open floor plan for the main living areas and, some nice windows to bring in more natural lighting. Our current house has crappy window placement and is generally facing the wrong way to take advantage of natural lighting.

By the time the sun has cleared the trees and houses across from us, it’s already 9 am this time of year so we only get about 3 hours of sunlight in the living room that doesn’t have to be supplemented with artificial lighting. and the bedrooms don’t get squat for natural lighting. Kat’s room gets some reflecting off the shed and that’s about it. and the kitchen has one tiny window but it’s shaded by a tree so it’s always dark in there without the overhead on.

Meow? She still hates things on her head.

Ok, enough complaining! Kat’s vocabulary continues to expand. She can read another book that talks about patterns in animal coloring like ‘the zebra has stripes, the frog has spots.’ And when we thought she was saying ‘colors’ it turns out she was saying ‘Kyler’ so at least she’s learning names other than mama, dada, bubby and, Gigi. We’re still working on aunts and uncles but we’re getting there.

Can I come outside?

And we finally got the greenhouse up! I still gotta get the cover on but the frame is up and I’m proud to say I got it up completely by myself. Billy was watching the kiddos for me and letting me get some quiet time that I never get aside from the 2-minute drive home from work and when both of the kids are asleep while I work on the blog. without bedtime, I would never have time to type up stuff for the blog. As it is I’m pretty behind on posting, I have a lot of half-done recipes that need to be completed and photographed.

And I still have to type up more canning tutorials, I have the Bread and Butter Pickles recipe up but I keep getting sidetracked from getting a picture of a jar that I canned for the main image. Maybe Saturday I can do that before Billy goes to work, that way I don’t have Kat trying to take off with my jar. She loves to grab things off counters and tables so maybe an outdoor picture amongst the garden? 

This week’s menu:

Today: Leftovers, the fridge is kinda bare since it’s shopping week. 

Thursday: TBD 

Friday: Hamburger Helper, this ended up being spaghetti with homemade sauce last week.

Saturday: Tuna salad

Sunday: Chicken Fried Rice

Monday: Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese. 

Tuesday: It’s the first day of Autumn! So to celebrate we’re having Baked Pork Chops with Apples. Next week we’ll resume Taco Tuesday. 

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