What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday and Meal Plan

So I know this is going to get posted later than usual because I was with the family Monday and that’s when I usually type up this post. I was finally able to share some news with them that I’ve been keeping under wraps except on Patreon.

Swimming with Aunt Julie on Labor Day.

Franklin Farmstead is moving! This is another reason I started Patreon, I’ll have to get internet again and until then once we’ve moved I’ll be using public wifi. We finally got an actual homestead, it’s a 5-acre wooded lot outside of town and we’ll be building our own house there.

Billy clearing trees for our temporary tiny home and seasonal pasture.

We’re also going to be expanding the flock and getting rabbits for meat and fur, goats, and possibly sheep will be later. I don’t have all of the livestock details down so once I do I’ll share them with you. My one regret is that I’m going to be starting all over again in my garden. It’s a different growing zone so I’ll be learning the ins and outs of the new area. 

We will be off-grid in just about every sense of the word. Solar, and a well, wood/propane for heat and cooking. We do have neighbors and the ones we’ve met so far are alright. We recently found out that the area we had originally picked for the house turns out to be a seasonal flood plain. So instead of the house we’re gonna use it as seasonal pasture for our browsers. 

And of course, I can’t post without sharing Kat’s accomplishments and foibles of the week. Her vocabulary has exploded! She can read I love you through and through and I love you as big as the world almost completely and she has been reading Five Little Pumpkins ever since I got it earlier in the week by herself. We went to a sheep farm in the next town over and Kat had a blast until she got put in the stroller (she wouldn’t listen about staying with mommy).

BAAAA! Mommy, I wanna feed the lamb!

I know that the lamb looks awfully big for a baby, she is a five-month-old ewe, and if you know anything about sheep you know that they can weigh as much as a grown man depending on the breed. Wooly Mutton Soaps had some really cute sheep shaped lotion bars that Kat is obsessed with so of course, I bought a couple and I grabbed a mystery bag that had two different soaps that smell awesome! You can email me and I’ll pass along their contact information if you’d like to make an order, mallori@franklinfarmstead.com.

And we went into the garden so I could prepare the fall garden bed and pick what was ready. Kat decided to pick a bunch of green tomatoes that I may just say screw it and fry up, she thinks they’re apples.

She picked the red ones too.

This Week’s Menu:

Today: It’s supposed to be leftovers but I’m throwing ham and beans in the slow cooker

Thursday: Roasting up some chicken

Friday: Brats and chips, maybe some baked beans.

Saturday: Attempt number three for the dish I’m making for Patreon.

Sunday: Hamburger Helper, maybe homemade maybe out of a box.

Monday: Salad Kit

Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas

What are you guys having this week? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow us on social media; Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Patreon!

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