What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday and Meal Plan (take two)

So I have no idea what happened last week but I was extremely irritated that I couldn’t find my WUW post. This week will work, or I’ll be getting ahold of tech support.

We got a lot done in the last week. I finally got my garden fully fenced off and now the cats and the rabbits can’t get in.

My delightful husband finishing the gate for me!

And my garden is doing well, the corn is getting closer to being ready and I finally got a beefsteak tomato!

It’s missing a few kernels and yes it is supposed to turn blue.
My one and only beefsteak tomato as of right now.

And my only surviving sunflower has started to bloom! It’s not fully open yet but I’m still excited for the homegrown sunflower seeds and of course, I’ll keep a few to grow again next year.

It’s almost as tall as my house!

And I think I’m cursed with funny shaped cucumbers this year because I’ve gotten a lot of hooked ones.

This is gonna look funny when it gets bigger.

And the beans have gone bonanza, sadly I learned they’re not the best for fresh eating so I’ll be letting them dry for preservation and use them for soups and such. Next year I’ll focus on bush beans so I can get my ‘green beans’ for canning and fresh eating.

They’re reaching for my tomato cages in the next bed over.

So in the non-garden news, my cousin came to visit with her sons and I had missed her so much! She moved out of state when Kat and her oldest son were still very small, Kat and Char are only a month apart ( to the day) and seeing the difference is astonishing. It makes me realize why people think she’s older than she is due to her height. And my cousin’s newest baby is so tiny and adorable, I got bit by the baby fever along with her sisters.

My grandma holding the newest addition to her ever-growing brood of great-grandbabies.

I loved getting to see my family whom we haven’t seen in so long. Kat decided to take a nap so I changed into a swimsuit to hop in the hot tub and relax for a bit and as soon as I came out of the house it started to downpour. This didn’t stop my cousins, of course, midwest ingenuity as it’s finest.

Need I say more?

Once the rain stopped I hopped in and got to enjoy the jets while laughing at their antics, I’m not the youngest of the cousins but it’s close. 

We also went to see my mom after because I thought she would be at my cousin’s house and she ended up not coming. I promised Kat her Gigi so we went over there for a couple of hours. She was so excited that she kind of ignored me for once and wanted her Gigi, she’s still scared of my younger brother though. It’s a work in progress.

Ignore the saggy butt, she was changed after this photo. She loves Gigi and Gigi’s toys.

Well, that’s all folks! We hope that everyone is doing well despite the rise in COVID numbers, I know we are actually doing better in some aspects. Here are the menus.

Last Week’s Menu:

Wednesday: Leftovers, in all honesty, we had frozen pizzas because Joey ate EVERYTHING!

Thursday: Salisbury Steak Frozen Dinner, busy day so I cheated.

Friday: Hamburger Helper

Saturday: Cheeseburgers made at home

Sunday: We were supposed to have biscuits and gravy but I had a family event so Billy fended for himself and Joey had gone back to his mother’s by supper time.

Monday: Egg Fried Rice and Veggie Egg Rolls

Tuesday: I ended up making my Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas since it didn’t happen last week

This Week’s Menu:

Today: Leftovers, pray for me! After Joey’s week-long visit my fridge is bare!

Thursday: TBD Billy is going shopping so I’ll let him decide what he wants when he’s there.

Friday: I’m going to attempt a pot roast in my multi cooker

Saturday: A recipe I’m experimenting with to share with you guys on Patreon shortly.

Sunday: Sloppy Joe’s

Monday: Baked Mac and Cheese with Veggies

Tuesday: Taco Salad

What are you guys having this week? Feel free to let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow us on Social Media; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Patreon.

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