What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday and Meal Plan

So I set up a poll on our facebook page asking if you guys wanted to see our menu with recipes scattered through the week the majority said yes, the only naysayer was Billy….. go figure. But he isn’t my true audience, love him but I don’t write for him.

Our whole household has been fighting a head cold. Even the stupid healthy Billy has had it for about a week and he seldom gets sick. Poor Kat has even thrown up from the drainage the poor baby, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who has a mild case of it so far surprisingly. Granted I drink lots of hot tea with honey and avoid the outdoors when possible. And at work, we’re only allowed water at our stations but I’ve been sneaking Gatorade to keep my electrolytes up so that could be helping.

Our little girl is growing up! We swapped her to her big girl car seat and she loves it. Now I just gotta get rid of the mirror in the back seat and look into a back seat organizer that is easy to reach to toss toys and snacks at her. I had to break down and buy her a backpack leash after she tore her hand out of mine and tried to run across a parking lot. I lunged and grabbed the little escapee but it still scared ten years off my life so now we have that as an extra precaution. 

Big girl car seat!

And thank you for the love this week! My enchilada recipe has had a lot of traffic and it’s all thanks to you guys!


Tonight is leftover night, I’m about to start doing popcorn and fruit and cheese when we don’t have any leftovers. I got the idea from my friend Sarah. 

Thursday: Billy’s chicken and dumplings, excuse me while I drool.

Friday: we’re repurposing chili from earlier in the week to make oven-baked chili dogs and some sweet potato fries.

Saturday: we’re having one of my absolute favorites, Sushi bowls! we do a California roll deconstructed into a bowl because rolling sushi is hard and I’m a lazy cook. Cooking Classy even tells you how to make the sushi rice!

Sunday: I’m cheating because the holidays are coming and we’re gonna be cooking our tails off so its hamburger helper.

Monday we aim for meatless meals (yes Meatless Monday), this week it’s asparagus and mushrooms. Normally I don’t do out of season veg but Billy picked it.

Tuesday is taco/Mexican Tuesday and we’re doing shrimp tacos this time.

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