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What’s up Wednesday and Weekly Menu

Happy New Year! I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for almost a year, I’ve learned so much about not only blogging but myself as well. And I know some of my readers love watching my baby girl grow.

This baby stuff is hard.

We had a good Holiday with our families. Sadly Kat cut a tooth on the way to my brother’s house so she spent most of the day being held, crying and sleeping. She now has two molars that have erupted. The only thing that calmed her down was the puzzle my mom got her for Christmas.

So, since it’s the new year I thought I would share our resolutions for the year.

Blog goals for 2020

  • I want to try to add one more post per week. Right now we have What’s up Wednesday where we share what has transpired over the week, what we’re planning for the following week and the menu for the week including recipe links. We also have what I call Foodie Friday where I share recipes that I’ve developed. Once the weather warms up I may swap recipe day to another day of the week and make Fridays about the farm. 
  • Use social media more. This involves sharing more on many platforms like I already do on Instagram and Facebook. I need to utilize Pinterest more so that it will help towards my goal.

    Teaching Joey how to cook.


Farmstead goals for 2020

  • Due to planned home improvement planned for this summer, I won’t have my full garden this season. I’ll have a couple of tomato plants in pots and maybe a pepper plant. But that means I’ll be able to work on my berry beds more this year and the bee garden.
  • The chickens should have a calm year as long as they keep supplying me with eggs. We do need to add a treat door to make it easier to give them scratch, mealworms, and the occasional kitchen scrap treat.
  • We’re replacing the roof this spring/summer and updating the plumbing. We have 20 months left as of today on the mortgage so we’re trying to plan at least two updates a year until it’s ready to go on the market and we can get a bigger house with more yard.

Personal goals for 2020

Those who know me personally know that I’ve been challenged with self-image issues and despite my bubbly personality I’m not super outgoing because I get those comments like ‘You’d be so much prettier if you lost some weight’. I lost weight when I was pregnant with Kathleen but that was because she was taking more than I was putting in. When she was in the NICU I ate at fast food joints more than I would’ve liked or honestly could afford. Even when I did bring my own food it wasn’t very filling and I always ate quickly so I could get back to her so of course, that causes issues with digestion and such.

  • Eat healthier. Yes, I try to eat what I produce here at home but I’m a slave to sugar sadly. I can’t say no to cakes, cookies, or candy. So I figured the diet called Keto would work for me since it limits the carbs and simple sugars and encourages foods that have had minimal processing. It’s similar to the Whole30 lifestyle.
  • Exercise more. Once the weather warms up I’ll be more apt to go outside and go for a walk with Kat and Kelsey with Kyler so that’s the plan for at least the start. I hope to be able to walk a mile a day.
  • I am also going to work on downsizing our possessions. They take up valuable space in our ‘shack’ as Billy calls it and if they are not serving a purpose then they need to go to someone who will actually use it. I’ll be starting with my closet and bedroom then will go room by room to clear out the clutter. Sadly with all the toys that the kids have it may not even make a difference haha!

    This is how I cooked dinner on Monday. With a tiny human strapped on like a tumor.

Today: It’s leftover night. We probably won’t have much because Joey is a bottomless pit and I’ve been encouraging him to eat from the fridge rather than buying a bunch of snacks.

Thursday: Egg Roll in a Bowl

Friday: Garlic Cheddar Chicken with some leftover Veggie Mac and Cheese from Monday,

Saturday: Steak with Cauliflower rice and a simple salad 

Sunday: Tuna Salad, Billy and Joey get to have theirs with but I’m limiting carbs so I’ll have mine on leaf lettuce.

Monday: Zucchini Frittata. I got this recipe from the app Mealime. 

Tuesday: Cheesy Mexican Skillet with Cauliflower Rice

What are you guys having this week? What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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