What's up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday! It’s been so long!

Okay, so we got rid of our ridiculous internet service. We were paying close to $100 for the bare minimum and we weren’t even using 1/4 of the allowed data. So in order to trim the budget, we told them good-bye, we’re planning on getting a mobile hot spot doohickey that is contract-free and we can buy refill cards as we do for our phones. I haven’t been able to post in over a month because of this. 

So, a quick recap as to what’s been up around here. Kat’s ‘homeschooling’ is going well, we’re still working on using our words rather than just screaming when she wants something. Obviously, when she has just is woken up from a 2-hour nap and wants her cup she is just gonna cry because she’s still waking up and doesn’t have the self-control to say ‘mommy I’m thirsty’ or ‘juice please’. So having patience is key with teaching kids at home. She’s getting really good at her number and letter recognition. We’re going to start on actively counting stuff and tracing letters. She loves to color so getting her to ‘write’ shouldn’t be too difficult.

Markers are fun Mommy!

We’ve also been getting ideas for educational activities from Playful Preschool and a few other websites. So look forward to lots of funny pictures of her learning from them.

We’ve been hard at work on the rural property that will become our homestead. We’ve got what we hope will be the main garden space cleared. And we’ve also found what will most likely be the site for the house. We settled on a design for the house as well, we’re gonna build an A-frame with the master suite in the loft where I’ll have an office.

She loves her camp chair.

I try to get photos but it’s hard to see that we’re making progress because it’s mostly been a lot of cutting down trees and moving the camper that will be our temporary home down there and getting it set up for longer-term habitation. The goal is to have the house built by the summer of 2022 but money and time will be a huge factor in all that. As well as the availability of building supplies, as you know, the pandemic and the election race has made a lot of things scarce.

She’s so thrilled to be at the homestead haha!

I’m glad we’ll be moving where we can have all the chickens my crazy chicken lady heart desires. I went from having three hens to having two in the span of 20 minutes. Unless Pumpkin recovers from her injuries I may have only 1. A pack of dogs busted open the coop and injured Carmel past the point of saving, she was the only one laying us eggs during this cold weather and she was Kat’s favorite.

Where the demon dogs broke into the coop.

We haven’t heard from the owners as of yet for compensation for our losses. I have an acquaintance who knows them and is willing to have a friend hatch and raise some replacement chickens for me. The only downside to that option is we don’t know if well get hens or roosters out of the hatch. But Billy said no more chickens until we move. 

Here is this week’s menu:

Today: Leftovers, sort of, it depends on what’s in the fridge. 

Thursday: A recipe that I’m still getting the kinks out of for Patreon

Friday: Spaghetti with garlic bread

Saturday: Chicken Chili

Sunday: Sloppy Joes

Monday: Soup and sandwiches

Tuesday: Chicken Tacos

What are you having this week? Let us know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media! We have a few new accounts; Patreon, Facebook, Parler, Instagram, Pinterest, and MeWe.

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