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What’s up Wednesday

So as some of you know I skipped our Muffin Monday this week due to having a pretty busy weekend. We visited with some family that was much needed and got caught up on laundry. Today is also my last of a six-day stretch at work so I’ve been pretty drained. My seed starts have taken a turn and now I’ll have to direct sow our pumpkin and see if they make it, plus most of my tomatoes don’t seem to have been fertile so I’ve got my romas and one blueberry tomato.

Kathleen is growing like a weed! She is into everything now that she’s a crawling pro, and she pulls herself up on anything she can including the entertainment stand which gives me a heart attack every blessed time and on our legs and the couch and her walker. She loves her fruits and veggies and as long as we mix her meat purees into a veggie she’ll eat it but the ones with bits of carrot or pasta she is not a fan of.

Some babies balk when you put their smash cake in front of them for their first birthday so I bought a cupcake and scraped most of the icing off and placed in on her tray for the highchair. She demolished it and ate a good portion of it. Then had a sugar crash and slept for two hours.

Our yard is waking up from its winter slumber finally, our jonquils have bloomed into pretty yellow flowers all around the house and my strawberries are poking up from the leaves I used to overwinter them from the maple trees. My blueberry bushes haven’t started budding yet and I’m worried I’ll have to replace them.

Planning for Kathleen’s birthday party is under full swing. I’m making a picnic lunch and a friend is making my a sunflower our of cupcakes and a smash cake that looks like a bee. I’m using decorations from the welcome home baby party for her first birthday, including the bee-shaped pinata that was going to be our gender reveal (surprise mom I’m a girl!), it will be a table centerpiece this year.

So this week is basically getting everything ready to go in the garden and get my desk cleaned while I’m off work. And work with Kathleen on eating her solids. Hopefully this week I can get more done around the house but with my work schedule that may be hard to achieve.

What are your plans for this week? let me know in the comments below!

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